Acupuncture of Boone at the
Boone Healing Arts Center
Acupuncture of Boone
Boone Healing Arts Center
838 State Farm Rd.   Suite 1
Boone, NC  28607
I have lived in Watauga County for nearly  30 years. I feel very fortunate to live in Boone providing my professional skills and               practicing my passion of alternative medicine among these beautiful Appalachian mountains.

My office is located at the Boone Healing Arts Center. There I work with various wonderful healing professionals.  As a healing center we feel it is a great honor to generate health and wellness for the Watauga, Avery, Ashe and surrounding county communities.
Acupuncture is fascinating!  It has endured the test of time, aiding in the health of people and animals for over 5000 years. Fortunately for individuals seeking a health care alternative, acupuncture is becoming widely accepted and available. It is a very safe, effective, drug-free therapy that can restore optimum health!

I consistently witness my patients' health improve on many levels, particularly with their immune system which is the foundation of all health. Some common ailments that acupuncture can help with:
Stress/Anxiety, Headaches, Depression, Addictions, Chronic Pain, Menopause, Digestive Disorders, Insomnia, Allergies/Asthma, Carpal Tunnel, Surgical Recovery, Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Infertility, Facial Rejuvenation, to name few. Feel free to contact me if your concern is not listed.
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